National Live Working Expertise Center


The ICOLIM exhibition, dedicated to live work in Europe, was created 25 years ago. This show takes place every three years in one of the different European countries performing live work : Hungary, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. This 12th edition took place in Strasbourg from April 26 to 28, 2017.

This meeting has become unavoidable because more and more transmission and distribution system operator in the world are using this technique. The interest of live work is no longer to be demonstrated as it allows an essential flexibility in the operation of power networks for performing maintenance work without interruption.

Live working is a widely proven technique for several decades. It relies on a rigorous organization, proven working methods and the professionalism of the operators which guarantees maximum safety.

Approximately 600 people from all over Europe attended this congress to discuss different topics including the methods, the procedures, the latest developments, training, regulations, security, etc.

ICOLIM participants were able to attend a demonstration day at the 400 kV Scheer substation (near SELESTAT) where the TSO (RTE) and DSO (ENEDIS and Strasbourg Electricité Réseau) presented various low voltage live work operations, MV and HV.

This day was an opportunity to show innovative methods. Some of these innovations have been developed by the French transmission or distribution system operators in collaboration with the suppliers.

The ICOLIM show shows that the progress in techniques and tools are numerous and testify to the liveliness of the live work activity. The many achievements around the world show the ingenuity of the teams who develop daring procedures to ensure the maintenance work without inconvenience for the customers users of the electricity network.