National Live Working Expertise Center

Serect introduction

SERECT (Department of Studies, Realization and Experimentation for the Technical Committee) is the French center of expertise for live work within RTE.

Within the framework of its sovereign missions, SERECT is jointly appointed with the live working committee in the decision of July 1, 1983 which follows from the decree 82-167 of February 16, 1982, relative to the particular measures intended to ensure the safety of the workers against electrical hazards during construction, operation and maintenance of electrical power distribution works.

In order to develop the Live Work methods and tools, SERECT can realize or commission experimental tests for the development of new methods.

In this context, SERECT:

•    Prepares draft texts for the Live Working Committee.
•    Participates in the various text examination commissions
•    Performs the normative and regulatory watch for the field of Live Work
•    Researches, develops and tests new methods,
•    Researches, develops and tests new tools, in collaboration with different suppliers
•    Conduct accreditation audits and follow up training centers
•    Conducts approval audits and the monitoring of periodic control laboratories
•    Provides advice to employers of operators performing Live Work

The work carried out by SERECT is examined in the LV, MV and HV commissions and the Live Working Committee.